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Wednesday, 13 March 2024

Saturday, 11 May 2024

9:30 AM

Music Theory & Drama Written

Wednesday, 11 September 2024

Saturday, 9 November 2024

9:30 AM

Music Theory & Drama Written


  • Registration deadline date is received by date. The completed registration form and payment must be received by the representative by this date.

  • Late registrations will not be accepted for written exams.

  • Candidates age 18 and below must be registered by the teacher.

  • All written exams are conducted in person at present.

  • Not all centers hold the written exams.

  • Please contact the exam hub representative to inquire first before registering for the theory exams.

  • Each exam hub sets its own payment procedures and registration information.

  • Registrations for US/CANADA cannot be made through this website

  • The teacher – even if the teacher lives overseas – (NOT the parents) must contact the exam hub representative directly to request registration materials.

  • Please note that ALL candidates MUST HAVE A TEACHER. Registrations for candidates with no teacher will not be accepted.

  • Please note that candidates who are minors (aged 18 and under) MUST NOT communicate with the reps. It is illegal in some states.  Only adults/parents/teachers should communicate with the exam hub representatives.

  • There are no withdrawals, refunds, or deferrals after you have registered for the exams.


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