Entry form information

Please note

  • Entries must include a current email address. An entry form AND payment must be received on or before the closing date.  Incomplete entries will not be accepted. 
  • Correct Candidate details: It is vital that the information you provide is accurate and correct.  The information you provide is used to enter your candidate for their exam.  Any spelling of names provided on the entry form is what will be produced on the candidate’s report and if they are successful in their exam, the certificate.
  • Candidate availability: Please notify us of ALL times your candidate is unavailable.  If we are limited to a small space of time it is unlikely we will be able to accommodate your requests.  Please keep your expectations realistic.
  • We are not able to guarantee any examination venue.
  • Warming up at the venue: Trinity endeavours to provide space for candidates to warmup, but this may not always be possible.  Please note that if space is provided this is not for a practice session or further lesson, but to allow candidates to prepare and warm up instruments for their exams.
  • Please note: No examination information will be released to anyone other than the Applicant.  This is in line with Trinity’s privacy and confidentiality regulations.

Enrolment procedure

  • Entry form and payment must be received on or before the closing date
  • Please complete the entry form in BLOCK letters
  • There is space for up to 12 entries on each solo grade entry form
  • Please check ALL grades, subjects, and spelling of names carefully
  • Please check that you have entered the correct session
  • Late entries are subject to a surcharge

Payment methods

Please contact your Local Representative for banking details

We no longer accept cheques. Payment can be made by bank transfer/bank deposit only.  We do not accept credit cards.

ONE payment must be made to cover all entries submitted. PLEASE give a clear reference to your payment eg ‘J Smith Piano Nov’. With hundreds of entries across 3 subject areas we need detailed references so we can continue to provide you with an efficient service.

Please advise the date of payment and include payment confirmation with the entry form which can be completed digitally, scanned and emailed, or posted to the Local Representative’s office before the entry can be accepted.



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