Trinity Stars performances on-premise at registered exam centres


The information below relates to the Trinity Stars: Young Performers in English Award undertaken at registered exam centres.

It is designed for centre representatives, exam co-ordinators, administrators, supervisors, stewards and teachers who would like to find out more about:


Running a session

Best practice guidance for centres

The Trinity Stars Centre Best Practice Guidebook provides all the information needed to administer and run the Trinity Stars:Young Performers in English Award.

Download the guide


There are four Trinity Stars awards:

Groups of 5 - 40 students:

  • Stage 1 (5 to 15 minutes)
  • Stage 2 (10 to 20 minutes)
  • Stage 3 (15 to 30 minutes)

Up to 300 students

  • School Show (30 to 90 minutes)


The minimum allowable booking time for a Trinity Stars session in the UK and Ireland is 3 hours. This includes:

  • Performance time
  • 30-minute teacher reflective feedback sessions
  • A 60-minute teacher development workshop

Please refer to Appendix 1 in the Trinity Stars Centre Best Practice Guidebook for further information.

Room set-up

You must provide a suitable space for the performance to take place in which there is room for the expert to observe. This can be a school hall, auditorium, classroom, hallway, any other suitable place in the school or centre.

The performance room must be quiet, reasonably ventilated and maintained at a comfortable temperature.

You must provide a steward for the performance day who will show the performers to the waiting room and performance room, and ensure that all runs smoothly. If the expert is required to move around to school to see the groups, a steward must be provided to escort the expert.

Project work

In addition to the performances, for each award learners must produce a class or individual project based on their performance or performance theme. The Trinity Stars expert will view and stamp the project on the same days as the performance. See the Trinity Stars Guide for Teachers for further information.


Booking a session

Bookings for the Trinity Stars: Young Performers in English Award must be completed using Trinity Online. You can learn more about this process in the Trinity Stars Centre Best Practice Guidebook, and the following documents:


Additionally, please contact your Trinity representative if you have any queries about your Trinity Online account or would like to discuss your booking.

Booking deadlines

All Trinity exams have closing dates by when all entries and payments must be made. Details of booking deadlines in the UK and Ireland can be found in the table below:


Booking deadline

United Kingdom

28 days before the exam date

Republic of Ireland

28 days before the exam date


Fees are based on a 3-hour booking and are shown in our latest fee sheet:

Special needs provision

For candidates who require any adjustments to their exam or would simply like to make the examiner aware of a disability or health condition, please complete the form available on our Special Needs Provision page for English language exams and send it to Trinity at the same time of exam entry, along with appropriate supporting evidence, if required, at least 28 days before the exam. 



After your Trinity Stars session:

  • Your Trinity Expert interacts with the learners at the end of the performance
  • Your Trinity Expert awards Trinity Stars medals after the performance
  • Your Trinity Expert views and stamps Trinity Stars project(s)
  • Your Trinity Expert conducts a short reflective feedback session with the teacher after the performance: the reflective feedback session is 30 minutes in duration. The Trinity Stars Expert facilitates the reflective session, which takes place after the performance.

Performance certificates

We will send you certificates for your performers and for the participating teachers four to six weeks after the completion of the performance session.


Please familarise yourself with our additional considerations for centre representatives in light of COVID-19 and other respiratory infections and contagious illnesses

For administration and general support for running and booking the Trinity Stars: Young Performers in English Award in the UK or Ireland, please contact your named Trinity coordinator who is your primary point of contact for exam arrangements.

Please also see our frequently asked questions.

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