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Speaking activity worksheets

We have developed range of classroom activity worksheets and accompanying teacher notes is based on corpus data consisting of over 1,500 scripts of speaking tests from speakers with a variety of language backgrounds.

Samples from the corpus demonstrate many aspects of the test takers’ communication skills in the speaking tests. These include pragmatic and strategic aspects which are essential to communicate effectively and which are associated with success in the tests. These worksheets use extracts from the corpus and focus on activities to practise these features — which often need much more attention in class than that typically given in coursebooks.

By focusing on these aspects of interaction, the worksheet activities will also help students improve their speaking skills in all situations, including in the world outside the test in both informal and more formal conversations.

Some of the worksheets also make reference to cultural norms. It may be useful for teachers to discuss any differences from the students’ own cultural norms, to enable them to accommodate any differences when taking part in conversations with English speakers.


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