DipTESOL Unit 1 exam dates


2020 exam date

Closing date for entries

Friday 14 August *

Friday 10 July *

Friday 27 November

Friday 16 October

* Please note that the August 2020 DipTESOL Unit 1 exam has been cancelled. The next DipTESOL Unit 1 exam will be Friday 27 November. Please contact your validated DipTESOL course provider for details about registration.


2021 exam date

Closing date for entries

Friday 21 May

Friday 9 April

Friday 13 August

Friday 9 July

Friday 26 November

Friday 15 October


Please note:

  • Entrants registered after the closing date (six weeks before the exam) will be subject to a late registration fee
  • No candidates may register four weeks (or less) before the exam


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