Keep students engaged with more of the songs they love - try a unique new Singing syllabus

New Singing syllabus

We have developed a Singing syllabus that opens up a world of musical possibilities for students, transforming their learning journey and allowing them to reach their true vocal potential. Explore a variety of musical-styles, genres and composers with repertoire that students will love to perform!

Diverse, exciting and refreshing repertoire for all

Our new syllabus provides a wealth of musical diversity to teachers and students with a carefully curated repertoire that supports a range of voices.

With a breadth of repertoire and genres unlike any other, students will be eagerly anticipating their next singing lesson. Relishing the opportunity to explore more of the music they know and love from their everyday life, as well as discovering new musical interests.

From the enchanting melodies of musical theatre and beloved show tunes from composers such as Andrew Lloyd Webber, Alan Menken, Stephen Sondheim, and Lin Manuel-Miranda to the magic of classic animated film songs such as ‘A Whole New World’, ‘Can You Feel The Love Tonight?’ and ‘How Far I’ll Go’.

Classical pieces that have stood the test of time are still available to learn and perform and you can also explore the rich heritage of folk music to stir the heart and soul.

Use the links on this page to see what’s currently available across the Singing grades.

A rich tapestry of composers

As with all our new syllabuses we have actively delivered a more diverse range of composers. Amongst them you’ll find exciting contemporary composers such as Ayanna Witter-Johnson and the award-winning Amit Anand, giving students the opportunity to experience modern approaches to song writing.

Through their melodies, you’ll discover unique worldviews, rich traditions, and captivating stories. Helping students to develop a more well-rounded understanding of music and supporting their progress to becoming more creative and expressive musicians. Whilst helping you to demonstrate the positive impact of music education.

Endless possibilities: ever-expanding repertoire

Our new approach to syllabus releases means they no longer have a scheduled end date. So, our repertoire list will evolve and grow over time with the release of new repertoire books.

As songs are no longer removed* you can rely on well-loved favourites always being available to teach and learn and your existing music books will remain valid for use in exams. Our commitment to expanding the song selection means you and your students will have many opportunities to explore new genres, styles and composers. Growing your personal selection of repertoire, keeping lessons fresh and engaging.

*Copyright and territory dependent

Print or digital: the choice is yours

You and your students can enjoy our Singing repertoire books in the format that suits your teaching and learning best.

The traditional hard-copy print books feature 12 songs at each grade level, including all the pieces needed for the exam across all repertoire groups. The books provide insightful performance notes to give important context on the pieces and their composers. At Grades 6-8 we have also produced separate books for high and low voice – with no restrictions with regards to gender – all the songs are available for everyone to sing.

Prefer the convenience of a digital format? Carry your whole song collection around on your preferred device and access your eBooks anytime, anywhere. Our eBooks feature all the same content as the print books in a handy PDF format. You can even buy individual songs for download instead of purchasing a whole eBook.

Check out the Singing books in our print and eBook shops now.


Explore the latest Singing grades repertoire

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Alternatively, download a PDF of the complete repertoire list for all grades.

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