Release of 2023 Singing syllabus

Trinity's new Singing syllabus is planned for release in March 2023.

From this release, the Singing Syllabus will no longer operate with an end date. It will remain valid until further notice and any planned updates will be announced at least 12 months in advance.

The March 2023 syllabus and associated songs will become available for use in exams immediately on the day of release.

Overlap of 2018–2023 syllabus

The 2018–2023 syllabus will remain valid until 1 March 2024, giving a one-year overlap. Trinity will continue to increase the repertoire available to candidates through a continual programme of new publication releases. This will include a diverse range of exciting exam books, individual digital downloads, ebooks, anthologies and more. Most repertoire and technical pieces will remain indefinitely*. Advance notice of new publication releases will be available on the Singing webpages and the shop.

This innovative change in approach to our music exam syllabuses will make our exams accessible to more people, provide a rich and cumulative repertoire to choose from, and encourage candidates to continue performing the music they love for as long as they wish.

*copyright and territory dependent

Your performance. Your choice.

Build authentic skills
Develop the vocal skills that are specific to singers and authentic to the performer you want to be.

Explore diverse repertoire
Discover pieces across a variety of styles, languages, and genres, and explore the directions learners can take with their music-making.

Benefit from industry expertise
Use the syllabus, supporting books and online resources, developed with prominent singers, to explore our exams see where they can take you.

We offer singing exams from Initial to Grade 8. The Initial exam acts as an introduction to the exam system for new performers.

The Singing Syllabus 2018-2022

  • Wide ranging repertoire allows singers to perform in a range of styles and languages, which enables them to specialise, but with enough choice to ensure they become versatile performers.
  • A choice of four supporting tests and flexible performance options, including using backing tracks up to Grade 3 and no requirement to perform from memory, gives singers the flexibility to demonstrate their individual strengths
  • Specially designed technical exercises allow singers to develop vocal technique through performance Graded songbooks, with teaching notes, translations, recordings of the piano accompaniments, and audio pronunciation guides, provide singers with exciting repertoire for every level
  • A range of books and resources is available including graded songbooks, teaching notes, translations, recordings of the piano accompaniments, and audio pronunciation guides, supporting singers every step of the way.

Further information

Full details (including our procedures, syllabus requirements, what to expect, and what to bring with you) can be found in our Information & Regulations.

Information & Regulations

The Teacher’s Guide To Singing

We asked experienced singing teachers for their top tips to help students achieve their best.

The result is this handy online resource for singing teachers preparing candidates for exams, or simply looking for ways to improve their teaching practice.

Eisteddfod yr Urdd song option

From January 2018, young entrants competing in the Solo Song classes in Eisteddfod yr Urdd may offer their competition piece as one of the songs in their Trinity graded singing exam. Click here for further details.

Darnau Gosod Eisteddfod yr Urdd

O Ionawr 2018, bydd cystadleuwyr yng nghystadlaethau Unawdau Eisteddfod yr Urdd yn gallu defnyddio darnau gosod yr Eisteddfod ar gyfer eu harholiadau canu unigol gyda Trinity College London. Cliciwch yma am ragor o wybodaeth.


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