Piano music books with repertoire to transform your lessons

Piano - Initial to Grade 8

Our new Piano syllabus and piano music books offers a fantastic breadth of musical genres and composers. We also provide a refreshing approach to repertoire choice for piano grades. Get students excited for their next lesson, with more of the music they know and love!

More choice than ever

You'll find piano pieces from TV & film, video games, rock and pop, Latin and jazz. Classical standards are available, balanced with new commissions and pieces from contemporary composers. New music features at every grade.

So, in the morning you could be teaching Titanium by David Guetta featuring Sia at piano Grade 1. Then, before lunch, move on to Star Wars: Main Theme by John Williams for piano Grade 4. By late afternoon you're exploring Armando’s Rhumba by Chick Corea at Grade 8!

Use the links on this page to see what's currently available across the Piano grades.

A rich and ever-expanding collection of repertoire

Our new approach to syllabus releases means they no longer have a scheduled end date. So, besides brand-new books for 2023, the existing 2021 repertoire and books continue to be valid indefinitely.*

Your repertoire list will now evolve and grow over time with the release of new piano music books. You and your students can keep exploring new styles, genres and composers. Expanding your personal selection of pieces, keeping lessons fresh and students eager to learn.

*Copyright and territory dependent

Print and eBooks for convenience

When it comes to book choice, you can opt for the Standard edition with 12 new pieces, or the Extended edition which adds a further 9 pieces. Both editions include New Technical Exercises and comprehensive Performance Notes. The Extended edition features scales and arpeggios, and broadcast quality downloadable demo tracks.

Whatever your preference, both editions are available in traditional print or eBook formats. The eBooks provide the convenience of carrying your whole repertoire collection around on a preferred device, to access anytime, anywhere.

Take a look at the brand-new Piano books in our print and eBook stores now.

“Trinity has produced perhaps the most impressive, comprehensive, wide-ranging and appealing piano syllabus yet and one which I am sure both teachers and students will enjoy exploring and playing.”

The Cross-Eyed Pianist


Find out what’s new for Trinity Piano grades

Explore the latest Piano grades repertoire

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Alternatively, download a PDF of the complete repertoire list for all grades.

Download Piano accompaniment repertoire lists (available for face-to-face exams from Grade 5).

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