Digital Grades and Diplomas

Digital Grades and Diplomas are available for booking. These provide an online platform for the assessment of music and drama grade and diploma exams.

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Your performance. Your choice.

Extensive repertoire
Choose from our largest repertoire lists to date, which include 35 pieces per grade, a range of international composers and a selection of popular pieces from the 2018-2020 syllabus.

Re-imagined books
There are now a minimum of 12 pieces in your graded exam book, with 21 pieces in the Extended Edition – nine in an additional ebook. Both editions include detailed performance notes, while the Extended Edition also includes scales, arpeggios and downloadable audio.

Young Composers’ Competition
Aspiring composers can take inspiration from the inclusion of one new piece per grade written by the winners of our Young Composers’ Competition.

Flexible syllabus
Personalise your exam – you can choose to perform your own, original composition, a duet at Initial to Grade 3 and a selection of supporting tests.

Online support
A range of free, online support resources, produced with professional musicians and educators, help develop your performance skills and musical knowledge.


Further information

Full details (including our procedures, syllabus requirements, what to expect, and what to bring with you) can be found in our Information & Regulations.

Information & Regulations

For further information about Trinity piano qualifications for Yamaha piano course students in Asia please see here.

The Piano 2018-2020 Syllabus and overlap information

Trinity has a one-year overlap between syllabuses during which time candidates may offer pieces and technical work from either the 2018-2020 or 2021-2023 syllabus, but not a mixture of both. Please note that although selected pieces from the 2018–2020 syllabus have been retained as repertoire options, candidates using the 2021–2023 syllabus must prepare the exercises listed in the 2021–2023 syllabus. 

Piano 2018-2020 Syllabus overlap information


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