National Sounds of Intent Centre

If you are not already affiliated with an existing validated centre (such as a school or Music Education Hub) The National Sounds of Intent Centre (NSOIC) offers a convenient route to assessment for the Awards & Certificates in Musical Development.

The NSOIC will take on the responsibility to review your assessments and submit them directly to Trinity College London on your behalf. If the NSOIC feel the assessments do not meet the appropriate standards, they will send them back to you with helpful guidance for any future submissions.


The NSOIC do not charge for their review of your assessment. You simply pay the appropriate qualification fees for each entry being submitted to Trinity.

How do I submit an assessment via the NSOIC? 

There are 4 steps to complete to be able to submit a candidate’s assessed performance for review and submission to Trinity. 

  1. Complete the online training 
    Complete the online course on if you have not already done so, or if you have not completed the PgCert in Sounds of Intent.
  2. Gather your evidence 
    Collect video and written notes of potential candidates’ level of musical engagement.
  3. Download your paperwork 
    This pack contains a spreadsheet for information regarding learners, levels and the corresponding fee and your details as the applicant. There also are 3 evidence forms, one for each domain and a copy of the learning outcomes and assessment criteria. There is also a box to paste the secure, password protected link to your videos.
  4. Email the paperwork 
    Email your paperwork to (including the secure video link and online training certificate).

How long does the process take?

The NSOIC have produced a handy flow-chart that outlines the whole process from start to finish. From when you send them your paperwork as the applicant (step 4 on the chart), the process should take approximately 8 weeks to receiving the result(s) and certificate(s).

Further support

If you have any questions about the National Sounds of Intent Centre, submitting an applicant through the centre or require any further support with the process please email: 


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