Study for the Trinity CME

The Trinity CME is available through approved centres that offer complete programmes of training and assessment. There are three categories of CME centre:

1. Public centres

The majority of Trinity CME centres are open to all types of music educators and takes an overarching approach to music education, rather than focusing specifically on one particular area or teaching demographic.

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2. Specialist centres

Some of our centres have created CME programmes to cater for educators working in specific areas of music education, such as Early Years or SEN/D.

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3. Private centres

These courses are run as part of the organisations’ own internal training programmes. A private programme is currently being offered by Superstars in Bridgend to their team of music PPA/cover teachers.

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The following centres also offer remote learning options:

Please note that the CME is currently only available to music educators living and working in the UK.


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