Test trialling Trinity's English language exams

Why we pre-test exams with test trials

Test-trialling is part of the process of developing exams. It is the best way to ensure they are high quality, reliable and fair.

How it works

We invite volunteer candidates in schools to test trial our exams before they are released. By analysing and benchmarking the results, we can see if we’re setting the tests at the right levels to ensure they are valid, consistent and fair to students in different countries around the world.

Benefits to schools

  • Students can practise using existing and new test formats under exam conditions
  • Students are able to build up confidence in advance of taking exams
  • Students/centres receive a percentile score to compare performance with candidates in the same live test
  • Participating in test trials is completely free – there are no fees for taking part
  • Teachers and students are invited to feedback on the tests
  • Teachers receive feedback on overall student performance from an experienced examiner:
    • 30 minutes general feedback on speaking and listening tests
    • a written report for reading and writing tests

Upcoming test trial sessions

We are currently accepting requests from centres to participate in test trials.

ISE - Integrated Skills in English

  • Test component - Reading and writing (A2-C1)
  • Test component - Speaking and listening (A2-C1)

GESE - Graded Examinations in Spoken English

  • Test component - Speaking and listening (B2-C2)

For further details and registration deadlines, please contact your local Trinity representative



How to participate

You need to be a Trinity-registered exam centre to participate. To get involved you can either:

Become a Trinity exam centre

If you are not yet a Trinity Registered Exam Centre, you can apply here.

Minimum candidate numbers 

In order for Trinity to send an examiner to your centre there must be a certain number of English language exams booked:

180 minutes of face-to-face exam time, eg:

  • 13 candidates at GESE Grade 7, or
  • 11 candidates at ISE II, or an equivalent mixture of grades/levels


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