Test trialling (pre-testing)

Are you interested in helping us develop our tests?

Get involved and your students will be able to:

  • practise using existing and new examination question types under exam conditions
  • build up their confidence in advance of taking exams
  • receive feedback so that they can improve their results for the real test

What test-trialling is

Test trialling (or pre-testing) is part of the test development process which allows Trinity to ensure that our examinations are high quality, reliable, and fair to all candidates around the world. Test trialling offers an excellent opportunity for teachers and prospective candidates to actively participate in the development process of both existing and new examinations and to offer their feedback.

  • There are no fees for taking part in test trials
  • There is no minimum number of students per centre
  • Your students can take the test trials at your centre when ready

How it works

We invite volunteer candidates in schools and language centres to trial different types of examination questions. We use the data gathered to explore whether the different examination questions measure candidates’ ability fairly and accurately. The test trials will be paper based.

Upcoming test trial sessions

We are always interested in hearing from new schools or language centres to participate in test trials.

Testing is currently offered in:

  • Reading comprehension tasks (A1-C2)
  • Writing tasks (A2-C2)
  • Speaking and listening tasks (A1-C2)


How to participate

You need to be a Trinity Registered Exam Centre to participate. Click the button below to apply.

Once you are registered, contact your local Trinity representative and ask them about participating in test trials

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