Test trialling Trinity's English language exams

What test-trialling is

Test-trialling is part of the test development process. Test-trialling is the best way to ensure our exams are high quality, reliable and fair.

How it works

We invite volunteer candidates in schools to trial our exam questions, while they still are in their development stage. We use the data gathered to ensure that our examinations are at the right level, valid, consistent, and fair to all students around the world. The test trials this year will be paper-based.

Benefits to schools

  • Students can practise using existing and new formats under exam conditions
  • Students are able to build up confidence in advance of taking exams
  • Students/centres receive a percentile score to compare performance with candidates in the same live test
  • There are no fees for taking part in test trials
  • Students can take the test trials at their language centre when ready
  • No minimum number of students per centre is required

Upcoming test trial sessions

We are currently accepting requests from centres to participate in test trials.

ISE - Integrated Skills in English

  • Test component - Reading (A2-C1)
  • Test component - Writing (A2-C2)

For further details and registration deadlines, please contact your local Trinity representative


How to participate

You need to be a Trinity-registered exam centre to participate. To get involved you can either:

Become a Trinity exam centre

If you are not yet a Trinity Registered Exam Centre, you can apply here.


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