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Example tasks

Below you will find links to example items for ISE Digital levelling test and example tasks for the four ISE Digital modules – Speaking, Listening, Reading and Writing.

Each ISE Digital module includes a variety of tasks that have been carefully designed to help you show what you can do in English and the different contexts where you might use English.

To view these example tasks, please ensure that you have the following technical set-up:

screen size min. 13 inches

screen resolution of 1920x1080px

screen view at 100% scale

sound on

microphone enabled

Example levelling tasks

Example Levelling questions

Example Speaking tasks

Example Speaking tasks

Example Listening Tasks

Example Listening tasks

Example Reading Tasks

Example Reading tasks

Example Writing Tasks

Example Writing tasks

Please note:

  • The 8-character keycode is pre-entered, click 'OK' to proceed.
  • You will need to read and accept the terms and conditions before the example tasks will start.
  • These are not intended to be a demonstration of the actual exam. The full exam is adaptive, meaning that the tasks you receive, and the difficulty of the questions will adjust based on your ability.
  • There may be some visual variations between these example tasks from what you will see in the actual exam.

Exam guides

Below you will find useful information relating to the exam.

Exam information booklet

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Candidate guide

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