Guides - GESE Intermediate stage exams

Exam format and timings

At Intermediate stage, GESE exams take the form of a topic discussion, an interactive task and an unscripted conversation with a Trinity examiner.
  • Topic discussion - on a prepared topic of the candidate’s choice
  • Interactive task – ask questions and respond interactively
  • Conversation - about two subjects selected from a list by the examiner

As they progress through the grades, candidates undertake tasks that require a more advanced use of language.

Grade and timings

Grade 7 - CEFR level B2.1 - 15 minutes

Grade 8 - CEFR level B2.2 - 15 minutes

Grade 9 - CEFR level B2.3 - 15 minutes

Useful guides 

Exam guide

  • GESE Exam Information
    This essential booklet provides everything you need to know to prepare students for the exams at every level - the exam format, exam content, procedure, timings and what candidates need to be able to do at every GESE stage and grade.

Teacher guides

  • Performance descriptors
    Candidate Performance Descriptors are used by Trinity examiners to assess each candidate’s performance against the exam requirements.

Booking guidance

Adapted procedures for online assessment


Exam guide

GESE Exam information booklet

Download the exam information booklet


Teacher guide

Teacher Guide - Grades 1-3 - young learners

Download the guide



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