Understanding ESOL Skills for Life results

Steering future skills development

At Trinity, we acknowledge and regularly emphasise the importance of understanding the results of a Trinity exam to help steer the future skills development of learners. 

Results slips

Results slips from Trinity's ESOL Skills for Life exams contain an easy-to-understand graphical representation of scores against each part of the Skills for Life assessment criteria. This allows both learners and teachers to easily identify key strengths and areas for improvement following a Trinity exam.

An example of a Skills for Life results slip can be found in our Understanding Skills for Life results document.

How are the exams marked?

Find out how Trinity's ESOL Skills for Life exams are assessed and marked in our Understanding Skills for Life results document.


Once results have been issued re-sits can be booked immediately for the next available session subject to the usual booking notice.

Enquiries about results

See the dedicated section of the website to find out more about Trinity's results review service, re-marks and appeals.


Trinity is committed to ensuring that the standard of each qualification remains consistent over time and so reserves the right to make appropriate adjustments to published grade thresholds and/or methods of aggregating marks.

Additional information

For additional information and queries, please contact your named Trinity coordinator who is your primary point of contact for exam arrangements.

Please also see our frequently asked questions.


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