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Best practice guidance for centres

The ESOL Skills for Life Centre Best Practice Guidebook provides all the information needed to administer and run Skills for Life and Step 1 and Step 2 exams. It is aimed at all those involved: the centre representative, exam co-ordinators, administrators, supervisors, invigilators, stewards and teachers. 

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For administration and general support for Trinity’s ESOL Skills for Life exams in the UK, please contact your named Trinity coordinator who is your primary point of contact for exam arrangements.

Exam fees

Booking an exam session

The information summarised below is also contained in the Best Practice Guidebook for centres registered with Trinity to hold ESOL Skills for Life and ESOL Step 1 and Step 2 exams - please familiarise yourself with the full information.

Speaking and Listening exams

  • These exams can be booked on an on-demand basis throughout the year
  • Exam sessions are available as blocks of time
  • The minimum block of time that a centre can book for Speaking and Listening exams is 3 hours (half a day)
  • Centres may book blocks of 3, 4, 5 or 6 hours
  • Bookings should be made through the Trinity Online system

Reading exams and Writing exams

  • Exam session bookings must be booked at least three weeks in advance through the Trinity Online system
  • Choose from 25 fixed dates

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When booking, please specify the date, the level to be taken, and the time of exams. The closing date for entering candidate details is also three weeks before the exam.

Special needs provision

For candidates who require any adjustments to their exam or would simply like to make make the examiner aware of a disability or health condition, please complete the form available on our Special Needs Provision page for English language exams and send it to Trinity at the same time of exam entry, along with appropriate supporting evidence, if required, at least 28 days before the exam. 

Policies and procedures

Before the exam, centres should ensure that all candidates are aware of Trinity’s Candidate Identity (ID) Policy.

For all exams candidates must be made aware of the Notice to Candidates. There is a Notice to Candidates for Speaking and Listening and a Notice to Candidates for Reading and Writing.

Remember to tell candidates:

They cannot bring mobile phones, laptops or other devices into the Speaking and Listening exam room to support Task 1. 
They must bring their photograph or picture (or presentation outline at Level 2) as a printout or paper copy. This is to comply with Trinity security regulations and to improve efficiency with a standardised approach.

As a registered exam centre, you should ensure that all staff involved in the preparation and conduct of UK ESOL exams are completely familiar with, and ensure your centre complies with, Trinity policies and procedures. These policies and procedures are outlined in the following documents and on our website:

Quick reference documents

Exam centre representatives, supervisors and invigilators will find the following quick reference sections from the ESOL Skills for Life Best Practice Guidebook useful:


Booking deadlines

When booking exam sessions in advance of the deadlines below, it’s not necessary to enter the details of individual candidates. However, candidate details MUST all be entered in the Trinity Online system before the closing date for entering candidate details.

Deadlines for booking an exam session

  • Speaking and Listening - 4 weeks before the exam
  • Reading and Writing - 3 weeks before the exam

Closing date for entering candidate details

  • Speaking and Listening - up to 24 hours before the exam
  • Reading and Writing - 3 weeks before the exam

Exam fees must be paid in full on or before the closing date. Surcharges will apply for late session bookings and late candidate entries.

Booking re-sits

Once results have been issued re-sits can be booked immediately for the next available session subject to usual booking notice.

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