Musical Theatre

Combine acting, song and movement through performance

Musical Theatre exams provide learners with the opportunity to integrate acting, singing and movement.

Candidates demonstrate their skills integrating acting, singing and choreographed movement to become the all-round performer through the performance of pieces from published works of musical theatre. Whether as solo, in pairs, or in groups, candidates can bring character and narrative to life with song and movement as an actor or in production.

  • Progressively develop the integration of the three musical theatre skills through the grades
  • Engage in practical tasks such as performing songs and extracts from musicals and discussing the work with the examiner
  • Offers a range examples from musicals to reflect the diverse landscape of contemporary musical theatre and the well-established canon.
  • Available from Initial to Grade 8 for solo, pair and group exams
  • Syllabus changes from the 2010 version.
“The format of the exams reflect what we see when we go to a Musical Theatre show, with candidates combining acting, song and movement to tell a story.”

Iain Reekie, Trinity Examiner


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