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Trinity College London is delighted to bring Digital Grades and Diplomas to all of our teachers and candidates, across all of our international markets, meaning that whatever the challenges the future brings, candidates will be able to continue taking their exams digitally.

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New repertoire-only pathway now available

5 July 2023

A new, pieces-only option for all candidates, bringing even further choice and flexibility to the Classical & Jazz Digital Grades. This offers a pathway for those who prefer to showcase their musical achievements through a programme of repertoire instead of a combination of pieces and technical work.

Please see the Digital Classical & Jazz Grades webpage for more information.

Withdrawal of COVID arrangements

23 May 2023

In line with the government’s policy to return to pre-pandemic arrangements for exams and assessments, the use of adaptations to assist in mitigating the impact of the pandemic have been withdrawn. 

Please see the COVID-19 and Digital Music exams webpage for more information.

Recorded accompaniments permitted for all digital graded music exams

31 October 2022

Candidates may now use recorded accompaniments/backing tracks in place of a live accompanist or duet partner for all digital graded music exams at Initial – Grade 8.

For digital music diplomas, we strongly advise candidates to perform with live accompaniment. However, we will now accept recorded accompaniments in digital diploma exams, and have removed the 31 December 2023 deadline, making this a permanent offer.

Digital Grades and Diplomas now available to book

11 November 2021

We are now taking entries for the Digital Grades and Diplomas, which you can make through your local representative.

Select your country in My Local Trinity to find contact details of your local representative.

Digital Grades and Diplomas have launched!

4 November 2021

We are delighted to bring you full details on the Music and Drama Digital Grades and Diplomas. Explore the different qualifications; learn how to record your video; find out how to submit your performance and even explore our YouTube playlist for Digital Grades and Diploma videos. If you have any queries, please get in touch with your local representative who will be happy to help.

Find out about the Digital Grades and Diplomas

3 November 2021

Watch our new overview video to find out more about the Digital Grades and Diplomas. For full details, have a look at the syllabuses for Music Grades, Music Diplomas, Drama Grades and Drama Diplomas.

COVID Special Arrangements for Digital Music exams – adaptations to the requirements for candidates working in lockdown

2 November 2021

We’re aware that many of our candidates across the world are living through challenging circumstances caused by COVID-19. Trinity is committed to ensuring that all candidates have the opportunity to continue with their learning and progression, so have created the ‘COVID Special Arrangements’ for Music Digital Grades and Diplomas.

The Special Arrangements offer alternative measures for candidates for whom travelling is restricted and therefore cannot access their usual accompanists or instruments, and where local legislation prevents being in close proximity with an accompanist for safety reasons.

Music Technical work now available

30 October 2021

Technical requirements for all Classical and Jazz exams are now available. You can find it on the relevant syllabus page.

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