The Professional Performing Arts Diplomas support aspiring professionals wishing to pursue employment opportunities in the industry by providing formal recognition of the successful completion of full-time performing arts training.

These diplomas give formal recognition to the skills, knowledge and understanding that are acquired in training to become professional dancers, musical theatre performers and actors. They are awarded to students who successfully complete a course validated by Trinity.

Each qualification has technical units that are assessed by the course provider’s teaching staff and externally moderated by Trinity, and a performance unit that is assessed directly by Trinity.

Learning outcomes include the development of:

  • imaginative, expressive and technical skills needed to sustain a career as a professional performing artist
  • professional employment skills and a relevant knowledge of the industry
  • transferable skills to enhance both professional and personal progression

NB. Only students who have successfully auditioned for a Trinity validated course provider may register for a diploma.

Drama Success Stories

At Trinity College London, we believe a talented performer’s background should never be a barrier to their success. Discover how Trinity’s Professional Performing Arts Diplomas helped these professional performers build their careers in one of the most competitive industries in the world.

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