Using your digital recorder

UK and International ESOL audio monitoring



Support documents

Full details of the audio recording and monitoring processes are given in your Examiners’ handbook (UK ESOL, p62-63; International ESOL, p20-23 & P62-63)

Tips for recording using your Olympus 650S MP3 recorder

Tips for recording using your Olympus 811 MP3 recorder

Troubleshooting MP3 recorder problems

Suggestions for organising your recordings

Creating and naming folders on your Computer

Transferring files from Digital recorder to Computer

Transferring files from Computer to Trinity data stick


Recorded examinations forms

Please complete these and submit them to Trinity on your data stick with your recordings by the appropriate deadline.

UK ESOL recorded examinations form

UK ESOL self-evaluation form

International ESOL recorded examinations form

International ESOL self-evaluation form

SEW recorded examinations form

SEW self-evaluation form

Trinity Stars recorded examinations form

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