Webinar: Upskilling with Trinity Teach English Online and the CertOT


10 January 2022

Amid the disruption caused by the pandemic, teachers have been innovative in finding ways to ensure that learners have been able to continue to achieve their language learning goals. Effective online teaching remains crucial to maintaining a successful language learning programme, and teachers now have an opportunity to hone their skills and take their practice to the next level.

Teach English Online and the CertOT

In these short introductory webinars, we will introduce participants to Trinity’s new Teach English Online course and the Certificate in Online Teaching (CertOT) qualification. We’ll look at how teachers can expand their knowledge and skills to successfully support, lead and develop their learners with the Teach English Online course, and at the opportunity teachers have to formalise their development with an internationally recognised, Ofqual-regulated, Level 4 teaching qualification - the CertOT.

The session will also cover how we arrived at the final pedagogy, design and application of the course, as well as the impact study results which highlighted the areas of training content that teachers have found most beneficial in the development of their online teaching skills.

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