Train-to-TEFL is doing some amazing work in Greater Manchester!

Suzannah Redmond, co-founder, has teamed up with local community organisations, councils, and charities to provide free ESOL (English for Speakers of Other Languages) classes.

Recently, Suzannah applied for grant funding through Trinity's Language Access Fund to support a group of pre-entry level learners. Thanks to the successful application, the funding covered course and exam fees for Trinity's pre-entry level ESOL Step Awards.

This was a fantastic opportunity for learners who were unable to access UK college provision. Thanks to the Language Access Fund Train-to-TEFL was able to extend the course by an additional 4 months. This allowed the learners who had developed friendships and had formed a sense of community with their peers to continue with their English language learning journey.

During the course, all learners passed Trinity's pre-entry level ESOL Step Award exams, which have given them a real sense of accomplishment, and as Suzannah described, this had a positive effect on their confidence and self-esteem.

Suzannah hopes to run similar courses covering more levels of Trinity's ESOL Step Awards and ESOL Skills for Life exams in the future.


Trinity College London is a leading international exam board, publisher and independent education charity.

Beyond its direct work in providing assessments in communicative and performance skills internationally, Trinity College London has been involved in supporting a wide range of public benefit and charitable activities around the world.


The certificates they will receive will be the first official certificates they have ever had. The positive effect this has had on their confidence and self esteem is incredible.

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