English Class Private Language School

Jennie Mechti, Head of School at English Class Private Language School, applied for grant funding via Trinity’s Language Access Fund to support a cohort of refugees facing multiple barriers to accessing English language qualifications and training.

Following a successful application, grant funding was awarded to English Class Private Language School and contributed towards the exam fees for:

The learners hope to ultimately attain an ESOL Skills for Life Entry 3 qualification to demonstrate their language ability for employment, and to help their families progress in the UK. Alternative funding was secured and used to cover course fees. But, without the Language Access Fund, the learners would not have been able to evidence and mark their progress with a regulated qualification.

Each learner achieved a qualification, which provided them with ‘a sense of achievement and improved self-esteem’. Jennie said they 'worked really hard throughout the year and could now progress to the next level.'

Jennie noted that the learners ‘were very nervous about a face-to-face exam with a complete stranger’ but confirmed that the Trinity examiner ‘put them all at ease’.

Grateful for the funding, Jennie added that ‘without it, the majority of our learners would be facing insuperable barriers to progress through the qualifications’.

Since undertaking this project, English Class Private Language School has secured further funding to continue providing classes consisting almost entirely of refugees, including Ukrainian nationals.


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“We are just so grateful… Without it, the majority of our learners would be facing insuperable barriers to progress through the qualifications.”

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