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Below are some common queries related to the Language Access Fund.

If you are unable to find an answer to your query or require further assistance, please do not hesitate to contact the Language Access Fund coordinator at:

Common queries

No, the Language Access Fund is currently only available to candidates based in the UK and Ireland.

No, grants cannot be awarded retrospectively and will not be released for activities that have already happened.

You will receive an email from us 2 weeks after the application deadline. This email will confirm whether your application has been successful or not.

If your application is successful, the grant money should be with you approximately 6 weeks after you receive your acceptance email.

Money awarded for exam fees is not given out to you but held in a central fund at Trinity. When you have booked your exam session and the candidates name/s have been confirmed, an invoice is issued by Trinity. Please send this invoice to the Language Access Fund Coordinator who will arrange for an internal transfer to cover the costs as agreed in your original application. You should not pay for this invoice yourself.

An Access Fund grant is valid for 12 months and any money not used within this time should be returned to us, to be reallocated to future rounds. Extensions to the 12 month time-frame will be considered case-by-case and only in exceptional circumstances. If your exam fees end up costing less than what has been awarded, the excess will also be returned to the Language Access Fund for reallocation. Any additional fees not covered by the grant will be invoiced directly to the centre you book the exams through. Once your candidates have sat their exams, you must submit a report no later than 12 months after receiving your grant.

Guidance on how to complete and submit your report can be found in our Information and Guidance for Applicants PDF.

If any of your proposed activities change, or if the learner(s) no longer plans to take their Trinity exam, you must contact the Language Access Fund Coordinator to check that your grant can be used in a different way. If the learner will not be taking an exam after all, please contact the Language Access Fund Coordinator to discuss the next steps

If the number of learners changes after you’ve received the grant, please contact the Language Access Fund Coordinator. In your grant report, you will need to log how many candidates achieved their Trinity language qualification and outline why this was different from what you had originally applied for. If you have applied for exam fees to be covered, Trinity will only cover the fees for those who took the exam.


If any of your details or the candidate/s details change after you’ve submitted an application, please email the Language Access Fund Coordinator at:

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