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  • Gablasova, D. & Brezina, V. (2015) 'Does speaker role affect the choice of epistemic adverbials in L2 speech?: evidence from the Trinity Lancaster Corpus' Yearbook of Corpus Linguistics and Pragmatics. Romero-Trillo, J. (ed.). Springer.

From the Spoken Learner Corpus blog...

Many speakers use English as their non-native language (L2) to communicate in a variety of situations: at school, at work or in other everyday situations. As well as needing to master the grammar and vocabulary of the English language, L2 users of English need to know how to react appropriately in different communicative situations. In linguistics, this aspect of language is studied under the label of “pragmatics”.

This briefing offers an exploration of the pragmatic features of L2 speech in the Trinity Lancaster Corpus of spoken L2 production.



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