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Acting and Speaking

The exam that puts your performance first


The performances you want to give

Choose the syllabus strand that suits your individual strengths and make the exam your own by creating your own programme from pieces you're already studying, that you enjoy, or that present a new challenge.

The skills you need to develop

Our performance-grounded exams are specifically designed to develop your skills through the repertoire you perform, and have the flexibility to allow you to focus on the areas where you want to specialise.

The recognition you deserve

Be assessed through an externally regulated and internationally recognised exam system, with a 140-year heritage that you can trust. Gain UCAS points for Grades 6-8.



Acting and Speaking syllabus

Specifications valid from 1 September 2017.



The following qualifications are available:



Includes an initial level qualification

Grades 1-8

Foundation, Intermediate and Advanced

Speech and Drama




Solo and Pair



Performing Text



Group Drama – Scripts



Grades 3-8 only


Group Drama – Devised



Plays in Production




Performance Certificates






Within the guidelines for certain exams where particular styles and genres are to be used, the candidate and teacher can select the pieces they offer which can be based on work they are already teaching or learning about or that has a particular interest for them.


2017 Acting and Speaking syllabus overview

  • Please see the Frequently Asked Questions page about the Acting and Speaking syllabus.
  • The video below provides an introduction to the 2017 Acting and Speaking syllabus.




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