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The following repertoire lists for the Keyboard Certificates are currently available:


Electronic Keyboard - Instruments must be of 5 octaves size with at least 8-note polyphonic capacity. A wide range of individual voices and styles should be available; dual voice and voice change memory are recommended for Foundation and necessary for Intermediate. The use of any other instrumental features is encouraged.

Candidates have the choice of using either single-fingered or fingered chords, but will find that fingered chords are often the simplest method of producing the correct harmony.

While it is recognised that auto intro/ending is an integral part of the instrument, careful thought must be given to the style of the piece, the instrumentation, and the length of the intro/ending so that its use does not make the work unbalanced.

Candidates must provide their own instrument, stand and power extension lead (where necessary).


You should read the syllabus requirements carefully before your exam. If you do not meet all the relevant requirements, the examiner may refer your exam result to Trinity’s London office for review and marks may be deducted.

Please see Information and Regulations and Syllabus infringements for more information.


Keyboard Foundation Keyboard Intermediate

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