Enhancing ESOL Accessibility: Sharing Strategies to Support Language Learners

Wednesday 13 December, 4:00pm (UK time)

ESOL accessibility refers to the availability and ease of access to language programmes and services for non-native English speakers. Join us as we delve into ways to support and navigate the challenges of limited resources to empower language learners to become active and engaged members of their community.



The benefits of accessible ESOL provision are undisputed: improved communication, increased confidence, enhanced employability, economic empowerment, social integration, access to education and services to name but a few. Regrettably, many potential learners are unable to access suitable language support due to a number of barriers including immigration status, personal circumstances and lack of local provision.

In this webinar, the presenter will share real-life case studies, the experiences of our learners and, above, all, the strategies we have used to build networks within our local community to be able to provide welcoming, accessible, and effective ESOL provision.

About the presenter

Suzannah Redmond is an experienced ESOL lecturer, teacher trainer, IELTS examiner and Item writer. Graduating with a degree in Hispanic studies form the university of Manchester in 1999, Suzannah was inspired to gain a qualification that would allow her to travel and teach. She completed her Trinity CertTESOL and later her Dip TESOL. Now a co-founder of Train to TEFL, Suzannah delivers the Level 5 Trinity CertTESOL course and runs volunteer training programmes in Manchester, UK. Suzannah has delivered government funded projects such as Talk English and the English for Integration Fund and currently organises ESOL provision for local councils in the North West.

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