Music Performance in Bands

Music Performance in Bands are Trinity’s new qualifications for delivery in schools. The assessments can be prepared for through regular music lessons and rehearsals with progress and achievement continually assessed.

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Recognition while being in a band

Music Performance in Bands qualifications enable learners to be individually assessed while rehearsing and performing within a band. The structured yet flexible framework enables a learner to demonstrate their own musical progression and achievement and promotes enjoyment in music-making within a group context.

Develops the performance and technical skills needed for playing in a band

Learning outcomes focus on skills within both rehearsal and performance technique. Performances may include informal sharing performances and/or more formal performance activity.

Continual assessment

Learners are assessed through a process of ongoing observation within regular lessons, rehearsals and performance contexts.

No access criteria or prerequisites

Although geared towards primary school aged learners, Music Performance in Bands are open to all learners, with no age restrictions or other limitations.

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