Group certificates

Certificate exams are also available for groups comprising any combination of instruments and/or voices. Groups may be of any size and consist of any combination of instrumentalists and/or singers who wish to gain recognition for their skills in ensemble performance. Groups can range from two performers (eg piano duets, or violin and piano), through trios, quartets and quintets, to wind bands, full orchestras and choirs. Any groupings are permitted, and there is no maximum number of participants.

  • Gain recognition for your skills in ensemble performance
  • Available as a face-to-face exam only
  • Use our imaginative repertoire lists or own-choice pieces to develop a programme that showcases your ensemble or choir
  • Receive precise feedback about specific aspects of your performance
  • Available at Foundation, Intermediate and Advanced levels
  • No maximum number of participants; all you need is at least two players or singers

Our music certificate exams are delivered as face-to-face exams only, open to all candidates, with no age restrictions or other limitations. There is no requirement to have passed lower levels, theory exams or other qualifications.

Choose from three levels of assessment representing key stages of musical development.


Certificate level

Equivalent grade level


Grade 3


Grade 5


Grade 8


Piece choice and programming

Piano duet, piano six hands

Candidates entering for a group certificate exam as a piano duet or piano six hands should present a balanced programme drawn from the repertoire lists below. Own-choice pieces may comprise up to one-third of the performance duration but are not obligatory.

Other groups

Candidates entering for group certificate exams as any other type of group should present a programme consisting entirely of own-choice pieces. No repertoire lists are provided (except in the case of choral certificates, for which suggested repertoire lists are available below).

Candidates entering for group certificate exams (except where repertoire lists are provided) should use the pieces listed for solo certificates as a guide for selecting own-choice pieces that will enable all members of the group to demonstrate performance at the level of the exam being taken.

For full details (including how long your performance should be), please see the syllabus and repertoire lists.

Piano duet repertoire lists Piano 6 hands repertoire lists Choral repertoire lists

Further information

Full details (including our procedures, syllabus requirements, what to expect, and what to bring with you) can be found in our Information & Regulations.

Exam report forms are released typically within 1-2 weeks, enabling candidates to benefit from the detailed feedback whilst the exam experience is still recent. Certificates usually follow 4 weeks later. Occasionally, we may not be able to release the exam result straight away. Further details about this can be found on our music syllabus Infringements page. For any other questions, please see our music exam help pages.

Information & Regulations Music syllabus infringements Music exam help

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