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Laying solid foundations in musical literacy – covering the conventions of Western music notation, melody, rhythm and harmony – Trinity’s Theory of Music syllabus is rich in transferable knowledge that provides the foundations for students to become the musician they aspire to be.

Whether your students are committed to the classical path or contemporary genres, you can give them the grounding they need to strike out across the musical landscape with confidence.

Benefits of Trinity Theory of Music exams

  • More choice and flexibility

    Available as a paper based or digital format exam for Grades 1-8 and diploma level to meet students’ needs.

  • Same academic rigour

    Our digital exam retains the original structure of the paper exam and includes use of an industry standard writing notation tool to still assess this essential skill.

  • Accessible, versatile and scalable

    With the option of one student sitting the exam at a centre or at home, to 100 students taking a digital exam in a computer lab with AI proctoring.

  • A comprehensive and incremental approach

    Build solid musical foundations with full support, such as easy-to-use workbooks featuring exam requirements, helpful information for teachers, hints and tips for candidates, tasks and questions for the relevant grade, worked examples and more.

Download your free Theory of Music sample ebook

To give you an idea of what Trinity Theory of Music can offer your students, we have a free ebook to give away! This sample booklet provides you with examples of the types of questions featured in our paper based and digital exams across Grades 1, 2, 3 and 5, as featured in our popular support workbooks. You can also get your exclusive 20% discount code for music theory ebooks and resources.

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An alternative to ABRSM's Grade 5 Theory

To take a Practical or Performance Grade 6, 7 or 8 exam with ABRSM candidates must also have achieved a pass in Music Theory at Grade 5 or above.

Trinity does not have the same pre-requisite in place, but did you know that our Grade 5 and above Theory of Music qualifications are accepted by ABRSM to meet their requirement? This offers more flexibility for candidates when deciding which exam may suit their needs.

Six things to consider when choosing a Theory exam

Paper or digital

Do you have the choice of format to take the Theory exam across all grades 1-8?

Rigorous testing

Is it more than just a music literacy test? Is the skill of notation writing also tested?

Online safety

If taking the exam digitally, does it always utilise AI-powered proctoring for privacy and safety?

Recognised quality

Is the qualification accepted by other boards for pre-requisite entry to their higher-grade performance and practical exams?


Is large group digital assessment possible? AI-powered proctoring and randomised question building offers this flexibility and scalability.


Can the digital exam be taken securely at anytime, anywhere in the world?

Download your free Theory of Music sample ebook

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