Take Your Bow: Performances by Year 1 and 2 pupils at King’s College School, Cambridge

Take Your Bow is a new collection of 20 concert pieces for beginner string players written by Naomi Yandell with Celia Cobb, published by Trinity College London Press.

Naomi Yandell, cello teacher and co-author, and Davina Shore, Head of Pre-Prep Music at King’s College School Cambridge, introduce the series and explain the impact it has had in the classroom.

Too Much Sugar, Too Many Treats

This piece gets its name from the riff that was used to compose the piece. Whilst it is simple (based around open strings for all instruments) the humour keeps it interesting and appealing to the students, together with the excitement and ensemble skills gained through working in a group.

Bossy Boots

This boisterous, bluesy number in 2/2 gets its name from the fact that the students are encouraged to play ‘bossily’ — to move their bow with conviction across the string, creating an instant buzz in the sound. The technical challenges come from floating the left hand up to the harmonic and down again whilst bowing open strings. To round off the piece there is also a switch from arco to pizz.

With grateful thanks to King’s College School, Cambridge, for facilitating this project.

Read more in Naomi Yandell’s article: ‘Take your bow – inspiring pieces for mixed-strings group teaching’

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The link is to the full score eBook – the violin, viola, cello and bass parts are linked from that page.


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