Approaching Music Performance Diplomas – Written Programme for ATCL and LTCL

Trinity’s Performance Diplomas Syllabus requires a written programme to be presented at ATCL and LTCL level.

For face-to-face exams, the requirements (as stated in the 2019 Performance Diplomas Syllabus) are that the printed programme booklet includes the following:

  • Names of the candidate and the accompanist (if applicable)
  • Date, place and time of the recital
  • Composers, full titles and opus numbers (where available) of all the works to be played, in order of performance
  • An accurate timing for each piece, and for the entire programme
  • For singing diplomas only: translations of the song texts

For digital diploma exams, the requirements are the same but the written programme may be a neatly formatted A4 page, as opposed to a booklet.

Please note that detailed notes on the pieces are not required at ATCL and LTCL. For FTCL, please refer to page 16 of the syllabus and our guide to writing programme notes.

The three written programmes here would be awarded the full 2 marks.

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