Supporting tasks

The stimuli on this page are for use in Digital Drama Grades recorded and uploaded between 23-29 November 2020.

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  • Please make sure that you have followed the instructions for these tasks in the Support Guide and to access the reflection questions.


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Storytelling tasks

Storytelling Speech and Drama Grades 2-6

Sight reading/Unseen text tasks

Sight Reading Speech and Drama Grades 2-6, Performing Text Initial, Grades 2-6

Unseen Text Speech and Drama Grades 7-8

Improvisation/Moderation/Connection to the lyrics tasks

Improvisation Acting (2017 + 2020) Grades 2-7, Musical Theatre (2010) Grades 1-2

Modification Acting (2017 + 2020) Grade 8, Musical Theatre (2020) Grade 8

Connection to the lyrics Musical Theatre (2020) Grade 6

For information on supporting tasks for Digital Drama Diplomas, please visit the Digital Drama Diplomas supporting tasks page.

Page last updated 23 November 2020

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