Trinity Insights Pack — Group Drama Exams

Unlock your Group Drama Exam success with our Trinity Insights Pack!

Whether you're contemplating delivering graded exams for groups of students or options to assess the full cast and crew of school productions, these resources for drama teachers will prove invaluable.

Group drama assessments are an ideal way to help students prepare for GCSEs and are ideally suited to being offered as part of timetabled activities for KS3. Both group and 'In Production' exams can be used to add value to school shows.

Our Trinity Insights Pack is specifically designed to enable you to make the right choices for drama groups at your school and will equip teachers to:

  • Develop a comprehensive understanding of the practical steps leading up to a Trinity Group or In Production exam
  • Familiarise yourself with the programme requirements for Group exams in Acting and Musical Theatre
  • Select suitable exam repertoire for Group drama exams at foundation, intermediate and advanced grades
  • Learn about the full range of group exams on offer with Trinity and construct a compelling argument for introducing the qualifications at your school.

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What’s in the Trinity Insights Pack — Group Drama Exams?

Your Trinity Insights Pack — Group Drama Exams includes the following tailored resources:

Programme examples: Acting exams for groups

A set of three resources offering sample programmes of repertoire suitable for group Group Acting exams at Foundation, Intermediate and Advanced Grades. Also included are examples of how the selections can be adapted for Group Performance Arts and Group Musical Theatre exams.

Prepare for success: Your 8-week countdown to preparing for Trinity drama exams for groups

The quick-fire checklist, devised by Trinity Drama experts, breaks down the key dates and tasks you need to consider to successfully deliver Trinity Drama Group and In Production exams. To assist with planning and reduce last-minute stress, the checklist offers a clear outline of the prerequisites and considerations of both exam types.

Trinity Drama: Tailored for teachers, transformative for students

A short guide giving drama teachers the tools to speak to parents and school senior leaders about the benefits of Trinity drama and how graded assessments can benefit students and also the school.

The Trinity Insights Pack — Group Drama Exams will support you to:

  • Master the logistics of overseeing larger student groups for Group and In Production exams
  • Plan for exams in advance to reduce last-minute stress
  • Access valuable insights and repertoire suggestions for Acting and Musical Theatre Group exams at various grades
  • Advocate for drama assessments to senior leaders and parents to boost student retention in Key Stage 4 and gain senior team support.

Delivering group drama assessments with Trinity

A comprehensive guide to Group drama exams to help you understand Trinity's approach, the options available and the variety of benefits to your students and school.

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