Level 6 Diploma in Professional Acting

What is the Level 6 Diploma in Professional Acting?

Courses offering this diploma develop the artistic, creative, technical and professional skills that an actor needs in order to fully prepare for a varied, high level and sustainable career in acting. Courses will provide tuition at an appropriate level in both live and recorded media. Vocal and physical skills as well as other supporting studies will enable students to sustain a long-term career as an actor.

Students will have the opportunity to perform and most colleges bring in a range of guest artists and directors to enhance the training offered by their own staff. Each validated course has its own identity and structure, offering the diploma within the provider’s own curriculum.

Students must already have successfully auditioned for a place at a Trinity validated course provider and through which the application will be made.

Validated Course Providers


The Level 6 Diploma in Professional Acting is awarded by Trinity College London and regulated by Ofqual. It is Level 6 on the Regulated Qualifications Framework.


Students registered for the diploma may be eligible for Dance and Drama Awards funding.


Middlesex University offers a work-based, part-time distance learning course, developed in association with Trinity College London, for graduates of this qualification leading to a BA (Hons) Professional Practice. Graduates may also apply directly for some MA courses.

For more information on the BA(Hons) Professional Practice, please click here.



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