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Trinity TESOL exams available in India for the first time

The Economic Times of India reports on the launch of our TESOL exams in Kochi.

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Times of India interview with Dilnaz Irani

The Times of India catches up with Indian actress Dilnaz Irani. After taking her Trinity drama exams, Dilnaz left her career as a software engineer and is now an acclaimed star of stage and screen.

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Arts Award helps young people back into education or work

The Guardian visits Leeds where a collaboration between the city council and the West Yorkshire Playhouse is using Arts Award to help young people to get back into education or work.

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Oxford TEFL has just become the first ever Trinity provider in India

Oxford TEFL has just launched its first Trinity-accredited Cert TESOL course outside Europe and has become the first ever Trinity provider in India.

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Initial training for English language teachers - The Guardian

Trinity's CertTESOL qualification is mentioned in The Guardian's recent discussion about initial training for language teachers.

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Listen to The Pathway to English

This programme on BBC Radio 4 talks to people living in Britain who are not English speakers and how they are learning to speak English. It features Sparkhill Adult Education Centre in Birmingham – a Trinity centre (ESOL Skills for life).

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Trinity ESOL students in adaptation of A Christmas Carol

Newcastle-under-Lyme College (NULC) is working in partnership with the New Vic Theatre's Borderlines team to provide people who are learning English as a second language with a unique opportunity to improve their skills.

Students from the English for Speakers of Other Languages (ESOL) courses at NULC performed an interpretation of the Charles Dickens' classic A Christmas Carol at the New Vic Theatre on Thursday 13 December.

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International Playwriting Competition winner interviewed

Mariama Ives-Moiba, winner of the Plays Suitable for Teenage Audiences category of our International Playwriting Competition, has been interviewed by the North London Newspapers.

Mariama's play A Concrete Jungle full of Wild Cars is the story of three children fleeing to England from war in Sierra Leone and the brother they left behind, captured and forced to fight as a child soldier.

She said:'I was so surprised when I found out I had won. I couldn't believe it.'

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Grade 8 success for Oman drum kit student

The Week in Oman has interviewed Daniel Netto and his family about his success in his Trinity Grade 8 drum kit exam.

Daniel said: 'I started playing the drums and going for lessons in 2005, when I was eight years old. I took the exam in March of this year and I was so thrilled when I got the certificate for completing the eighth grade.'

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Trinity Music Examiner Interview

Edwin Hooson, a Music Examiner for Trinity, has been interviewed in The Hindu about his experiences in examining students in India.

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Florette staff celebrate ESOL exam success

Salad producer Florette has been offering its staff the opportunity to study English as a second language since 2010. This year, all the students have passed their Trinity ESOL exam.

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The English Advantage

MiD Day and The Guide, Mumbai papers, report on eight visually impaired students from rural Maharashtra who became the first such group to have appeared for the Trinity College Spoken English exam last week.

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Rock & Pop in Sri Lanka

The Sunday Times Newspaper in Sri Lanka has reported on the launch of Trinity's Rock & Pop exams. Sachin Das, Trinity's national co-ordinator in India, explains the value of our system of international representatives. 'Having regional representation enables the pouring in of ideas from around the world as well as ideas radiating back to the regions.'

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Chinese Olympians take Trinity exams

In the wake of the Olympics, China Daily has reported on how Trinity's qualifications are helping Chinese athletes to learn English.

The Chinese Athletes' Educational Foundation provides athletes with English classes and encourages them to take Trinity language qualifications.

Since 2004, over 1,000 athletes have taken part in the programme, and last year 61 athletes passed Trinity exams, with 17 earning an A grade.

You can read the full article here.

Four-star review for Moth to the Flame

The Edinburgh Fringe production of Moth to the Flame, Annie McCourt's winning play in Trinity's 2011 International Playwriting Competition, has received a glowing review from the British Theatre Guide.

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Rock & Pop in India

The launch of our Rock & Pop exams in India received wide coverage in the Indian press.

The Hindu reported on the Trinity workshop that took place at the Musee Musical auditorium in Chennai, describing the exams as being ‘tailor-made to showcase one’s musical personality and to boost a performer’s confidence’.

At the other end of the country, the Hindustan Times wrote about the local bands performing at the launch in Mehrauli in Delhi. It says that the students taking the Rock & Pop exams are ‘the lucky ones’ and that the exams are ‘truly keeping with the very spirit of rock ‘n’ roll.’

The Times of India marked the launch of the exams with a feature explaining how the exams work and drawing attention wide range of songs available to candidates, with music from Pink Floyd to Jessie J. The article quotes Subir Malik, keyboards player in one of India’s most popular Indian rock bands, Parikrama, who played to a packed audience at the launch of the exams in Mumbai. Subir said: ‘It is indeed an honour to be associated with Trinity College London and its new syllabus which we are very excited to perform in public.’

Enthusiastic reviews for Trinity woodwind repertoire books

Our new woodwind repertoire books have received enthusiastic reviews in the July edition of Music Teacher magazine.

Books 1 and 2 of Mosaics for Flute contain unaccompanied pieces, ranging from beginner to Grade 5 (in Book 1) and Grades 6 to 8 (in Book 2). The magazine says that the pieces in Book 1 are ‘entertaining’ and ‘ideal for practising along with scales and arpeggios’. It says that Book 2 contains ‘imaginative pieces in styles from all round the world, including classical, jazz, rock and Latin’. The review concludes that ‘both books are fantastic resources for sight-reading practice, and many of the pieces would be enjoyable concert items as well’.

Music Teacher has also reviewed two of our Musical Moments series, for flute and clarinet, containing accompanied pieces. The magazine describes the five flute books as an ‘excellent series’, with ‘wonderful repertoire selections, ideal for concerts and performance examinations’. It says that the five clarinet volumes are ‘ideal for general teaching repertoire and for candidates preparing for Trinity’s graded examinations’. It particularly welcomes the first clarinet book, with its collection of pieces below the clarinet’s ‘break’, saying that it is a welcome addition to repertoire for early-stage pupils.

Praise for Sing Musical Theatre books

Our new Sing Musical Theatre books are receiving warm praise in the musical press. The four volumes accompany our Musical Theatre Grades 1 to 5.

Music Teacher magazine says that the books are ‘presented with elegance and clarity’, and that the songs are ‘laid out with clear ideas for understanding the song, its context, and technical issues which need to be worked on’.

Singing magazine’s review concludes that the books are ‘a very welcome addition for the libraries of those teaching in this area’.

Rock & Pop exams in Australia

Australia’s music magazine and website has described Trinity’s Rock & Pop exams as ‘an inspiring musical experience’.

In an interview with Barry Walmsley, Trinity’s National Representative in Australia, the magazine describes the syllabus as something that ‘young musicians who are into contemporary music can really relate to’.

You can read the full article here.

Rock & Pop Bass exams praised

Bass Guitar Magazine has reviewed the songbooks that accompany our Bass Rock & Pop exams. The UK’s biggest-selling bass guitar magazine praises the way that the exams provide the skills needed by working musicians.

It says: ‘...the syllabus has clearly been put together by a team of musicians who know exactly what bassists really need to make a living, not just general advanced theory, which is about as useful in real life as an ashtray on a motorbike. For example, the learner needs to study syncopation, picking accuracy and – get this! – the correct application of distortion. Now how cool is that?’


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