Erez Tocker

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With a fervent belief in the power of education to transform lives, Erez Tocker has dedicated his career to innovating and scaling educational solutions across the globe. His journey began with the establishment of a startup in 2002, which offered both digital and face-to-face training solutions in China. This ignited his passion for blending technology with education, always with a focus on enhancing student learning and empowering educators.

Throughout his career, Erez has held leadership roles in major educational organisations, such as Kaplan and Renaissance Learning, where he enjoyed bringing diverse teams together to drive international expansion and digital transformation.

Now, as the CEO of Trinity College London since 2021, Erez continues to champion the institution's rich legacy in assessing communicative and performance skills in music, drama, combined arts, and the English language, reaching learners in over 60 countries. His leadership at Trinity underscores his commitment to harnessing the potential of innovation in education to further student learning growth and support educators worldwide.

As Trinity ventures into the future, Erez is excited to continue this transformative journey, striving to make the world a brighter place through education.


Erez Tocker is the Chief Executive Officer of Trinity College London. He eagerly looks forward to collaborating with the Trinity network and sharing in the excitement of Trinity's Piano Syllabus Launch celebration with all attendees.

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