Trinity’s new and innovative Woodwind syllabus approach

4 Nov 2022

Trinity College London is excited to announce the launch of Woodwind and Jazz Woodwind 2022 on 4 November 2022. From this new release, Trinity’s Woodwind and Jazz Woodwind syllabuses will no longer operate with an end date. They will remain valid until further notice and any planned updates will be announced at least 12 months in advance. This innovative change in approach to our music exam syllabuses will make our exams accessible to more people, provide rich and cumulative repertoire to choose from, and encourage candidates to continue playing the music they love for as long as they wish.

Trinity will continue to increase the repertoire available to candidates through a continual programme of new publication releases. This will include a diverse range of exciting exam books, individual digital downloads, ebooks, anthologies and more. Most repertoire and technical pieces will remain indefinitely*. Advance notice of new publication releases will be available on the instrument webpages and the shop.

Highlights are:

Extensive and varied repertoire exploring a broad range of musical styles and genres. Original flute and clarinet works spanning from the 18th century through to living composers, including previously unpublished pieces, modern educational pieces, and specially commissioned works by composers from all over the world.

Brand new books for flute and clarinet with a minimum of 12 pieces per grade, including popular classics, folk tunes and music from stage and screen. Performance notes for all pieces provide important context on the pieces and their composers and the publications include downloadable demo and accompaniment audio. All books are available as print and ebooks.

Combined classical and jazz repertoire options for the first time for flute, clarinet, and saxophone, allowing candidates to move fluidly between the repertoire lists and explore the full range of the music that they love. Teachers can select from across the range of styles and genres to suit each individual learner.

Ever-expanding repertoire as we introduce an ongoing programme of new pieces, replacing the syllabus end date.

Visit the Woodwind pages to find out more.

*copyright and territory dependent


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