Withdrawal of selected Trinity College London Diplomas

1 Aug 2016

Trinity’s suite of Diplomas is being updated over the next 2 years to ensure they remain a valuable option for teachers and learners, and aligned with the needs of educators and employers.

We are taking this opportunity to streamline our Diploma portfolio to ensure that we are offering a suite of higher level qualifications that people want to study for and achieve. As part of this the following Trinity College London Diploma qualifications will be withdrawn:

  • 600/0978/0 FTCL Diploma in Education Studies (Speech and Drama, Musical Theatre, Performance Arts, Applied Drama and Communication Skills)
  • 600/0941/X FTCL Diploma in Performing (Speech and Drama, Musical Theatre, Performance Arts)
  • 600/0976/8 FTCL Diploma in Directing (Speech and Drama, Musical Theatre, Performance Arts)
  • 600/0953/6 FTCL Diploma in TESOL Education Studies
  • 600/1241/9 FMusTCL Diploma (Music Theory)
  • 600/0977/9 FTCL Diploma in Music Education
  • 600/0946/9 FTCL Diploma in Music Composition
  • 600/0943/3 LTCL Diploma in Music Composition

The timeline for withdrawal of these qualifications is as follows:

  • The final date for abstract or topic approval is 31 July 2017
  • The final date for entries and portfolios is 30 April 2018
  • The final date for exams is 31 July 2018

Some of these qualifications have been offered by Trinity for many years, providing learners with the opportunity to consolidate their experience and demonstrate their mastery of a chosen subject. Trinity is proud of all holders of the FTCLs and we celebrate their achievements and impact.

All other level 4-7 diplomas remain unchanged and the following Level 7 Diploma qualifications will continue to be offered by Trinity as usual:

  • 600/0985/8 FTCL Diploma in Music Performance
  • 600/0954/8 LTCL Dip TESOL



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