Trinity’s ‘Spoken English’ initiative in New Delhi schools yields positive results

30 Jan 2019

As reported recently in the Hindustan Times (30 January 2019), Trinity’s work with the Department of Education in New Delhi, to determine the level of spoken English in state schools, has found that there has been positive improvement in Class 11 students’ capability - although there is still work to be done to reach true proficiency.

2,400 students age 15-16 (a tenth of the entire cohort) were assessed before and after a period of study, in line with the aim of the Director of Education, Sanjay Goel, to improve the level of communicative English in schools and demonstrate the positive impact of this learning.  Every student attended 160 hours of classes and assessments took place across the second part of 2018, with final activities concluding in December 2018.

Stating the importance of this project, Mr Goel said ‘We wanted to train these students because at that level they start planning their higher education. We wanted to make them confident in spoken English so they do not feel left out when they join colleges with students who come from private schools’.

Assessments were conducted using the Common European Framework of Reference for European Languages (CEFR), which was used to identify ability from A1 level (basic) to C2 (proficient). The Department is planning to repeat the programme again in 2019 along similar lines.

Further details on the Hindustan Times website.



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