Trinity’s new Communication Skills Specifications are now available

18 Sep 2018


Trinity’s new Communication Skills Specifications, for exams starting 1 January 2019, are now available.

Trinity Communication Skills exams present candidates with practical, creative tasks that reflect real-world situations, enabling them to develop invaluable 21st century skills and make real progress in life.

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The ‘from 2019’ specifications:

  • Develop a range of transferable communication skills, including problem-solving, creativity, team working and organisational skills, that can have a positive impact in both education and the workplace
  • Feature practical tasks that reflect real-world situations such as preparing and delivering CVs for interview, stories for broadcast and presentations that debate current issues
  • Now offer Group Initial exams, giving beginner candidates a goal and preparation for Grade 1 onwards
  • Offer candidates the choice to have their skills assessed individually or within a group
  • Provide clear instructions for teachers and candidates, with the specifications now in a new format
  • Are accompanied by digital support resources that provide advice and support on exam structure and preparation, and interviews with examiners, teachers and past candidates

There will be an overlap between the ‘from 2010’ and the ‘from 2019’ specifications. From 1 January 2019 to 19 April 2020 candidates may use either specifications, but not a mixture of both.

To find out more about the new specifications visit our Communication Skills page.



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