Trinity Talent Class of 2018

6 Dec 2018

Trinity College London has teamed up with Voice magazine to shine a spotlight on young people in the UK who have achieved a Trinity Music qualification during 2018.

The Trinity Talent Class of 2018 is looking for nominations for musicians aged 13-25 who have demonstrated achievement in one or more of the following categories:

  • Musical Achievement
  • Creativity
  • Progress
  • Leadership

We’ll feature these talented musicians and the centres which support them in an online gallery and each young person will receive individual appreciation from Trinity. This isn’t just for high fliers - we welcome nominations of young people in the UK who have overcome setbacks or disadvantages in any category.

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Please note that:

  • Nominations for Trinity Talent closed at midnight on Friday 14 December
  • Trinity will check all nominations and Voice will contact approved nominees for a photo and quote. We can only feature those whom we can contact.
  • Teachers, music teachers, students or parents can nominate - but you can't nominate yourself (sorry!)
  • Nominees for Class of 2018 should be aged 13-25 and have achieved a Trinity qualification in Rock & Pop or Classical & Jazz music in the UK during 2018




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