Trinity Sri Lanka's annual concert and prize giving

28 May 2015

On Friday 22 May, Trinity Sri Lanka held its annual concert and prize giving for students who received top scores in Grade 6 to Diploma level Music and Drama exams from the last year.

The event, which took place at The Bishops College Auditorium, contained a number of musical and theatrical performances from students, including an interpretation of Macbeth, a rendition of ‘Mothers who don’t understand’ and a performance of ‘A gypsy's prayer’ from The Hunchback of Notre Dame. Several candidates also performed pieces on the piano and cello.

The awards were presented by Trinity’s Sri Lanka representative Ramola Sivasundaram, with a number of special guests in attendance, including Tyler Smith, Senior Vice President Asia, Anjli Mata, North India Area Coordinator and Academic Head, and Jyotiska Dasgupta, East India Area Coordinator and Academic Head.

A total of 134 Diploma certificates were awarded at the event, to candidates who passed the ACTL and LCTL Diplomas in Music and Drama.

The annual prize giving and concert for Grades 1-5 was held in March.

Click here to read the news story on Sri Lanka's national newspaper 'Daily News'.


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