Trinity music event in Qatar

1 Jun 2015

Last month, Trinity held an exciting event full of musical performances at Birla Public School in Qatar. The event was organised by the Trinity centre - Music Lounge, and included performances by Indian music prodigy and founder of Music Lounge, Stephen Devassy. Stephen, who has previously taken exams himself with Trinity, as well as worldwide tours with musicians such as Hariharan and A. R. Rahman, spoke about his experiences as a performer, as well as showcasing his talent on piano and the instrument he is best known for - the key-tar (synthesizer).

Speaking backstage, Stephen said: ‘Somebody suggested to me when I started learning music that I should go to Trinity. Trinity College [London] has helped me to do much better things. I started practising my piano there and I believe whatever I am today is because of that place where I learnt my piano and that was Trinity College London’s centre.’ 

The event also featured a number of musical performances directed by Jaisen George, Director at Music Lounge. This included a rendition of ‘Jai Ho’, which was performed by the centre’s music teachers and students, as well as solo performances on piano, keyboard and drums, and group performances, all in a variety of genres, ranging from classical to modern fusion. 

Trinity’s Rock & Pop Czar, Tyler Smith made a special guest appearance and unveiled the ‘Music Lounge Award for Academic Excellence’, which was presented by Santosh Kuruvilla, Music Lounge’s MD and A.K. Shrivastava, Principal of Music Lounge.

Tyler also commented on the event: ‘This is what makes Trinity different from so many other institutes, we are actually talking about performance and communication all the time whether it is music, drama or communicating in English language. Whatever we asses, it is all about how well somebody can communicate; getting the feeling from both sides, the input and the feedback.’

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