Trinity launches world-first AI music practice tool for teachers and students

15 Apr 2024

Trinity College London has unveiled a world-first, AI-powered tool which lets teachers easily navigate a diverse and extensive catalogue of piano music, and provide students with in-depth feedback on their practice sessions between lessons.

NoteLab Music is a powerful resource available to teachers, parents and students to support lessons, personalise music choices, build technique, maintain engagement and track progress.

This intuitive tool lets teachers find and assign pieces and exercises based on a student’s level and particular technical practice focus – from clef changes and right-hand melodies, to articulations. The tool also helps teachers quickly find practice pieces by key, time signature, tempo, and technical proficiency. In total, the platform allows Trinity’s extensive repertoire lists and exercises – ranging from Classical favourites, to Pop, to Jazz & Latin – to be searched by over 20 distinct criteria.

Once a piece or pieces are chosen by a teacher, they can send a personalised note to the individual student or class, specifying the repertoire that they need to work on. A weekly class notebook feature allows students to track their assignments. NoteLab Music also lets teachers share a link to Trinity’s ebook store where students can purchase a digital download of the piece.

Additionally, NoteLab Music allows students to upload their practice audio for their teachers to review. This not only allows teachers to listen to their students practice recordings and monitor their progress, but advanced annotation technology means they can provide precise feedback, highlighting specific moments in a practice recording where improvements are needed.

The combined offer means each student will have a consolidated record of their learning journey, amalgamating all notes and feedback in one place, and enables both teacher and learner to track and demonstrate progress over time.

NoteLab Music has been designed to meet the needs of students from beginners through to Grade 5. Initially, it will be offered to piano teachers, with plans to extend its availability to other instruments throughout the remainder of the year. 

To ensure data privacy and online safety, students under the age of 18 will require a parent or guardian to sign up for an account.

NoteLab Music is the result of Trinity’s commitment and continuing investment in innovation technologies.  Since 2018 it has collaborated with some of the world’s most eminent universities and technology companies including Spain’s Pompeu Fabra University, Astrid AI, and Lancaster University.

Erez Tocker, CEO of Trinity College London, says that: “NoteLab Music is a comprehensive tool for the 21st century music teacher. It means they can focus on diagnosing the technical areas of need for their students and, in seconds, find the right piece, personalised for their lesson. It also means teachers will no longer need to rely solely on their memory or recommendations. We anticipate it becoming an essential part of music studio management for teachers.

"This pioneering tool not only helps streamline the piece selection process, but it allows teachers to personalise the music their students are being asked to practise, and play, based on their ability, ambition and genre of music that they find most interesting.

“NoteLab Music is a glimpse of the inventive products we have in store. It’s not only user-friendly but profoundly beneficial. NoteLab Music will create a genuine dialogue between teachers and students outside regular lessons. It's more than just a search tool or an online music practice diary; it will be a transformational tool for music learning.”

NoteLab Music is free to use for both teachers and students. Anyone can use the search tool to explore Trinity’s repertoire and teachers can access NoteLab Music by creating a free account.


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