Trinity Italy Celebration Days 2022

11 May 2022

Milano, Roma, Napoli, Catania: four days in which to meet the headmasters, teachers and students from across Trinity College London exam centres in Italy.

Four days in four different cities, dedicated to the Italian community of Trinity College London. Trinity Italy Celebration Days are an opportunity to meet with the broad community of institutions, school headmasters, teachers and students from across Trinity College London exam centres in Italy and to share the work carried out during the recent difficult months.

The journey started on 3 May in Milan, moving on to Rome, Naples and Catania during the remaining month.

Transforming challenges into opportunities - this is the goal that the Trinity Team has set itself over the last 2 years, embracing changes and looking for new solutions to help ensure that thousands of teachers could continue to teach English in a communicative way and music in a practical way, using technology.

During the Trinity Italy Celebration Days we are delighted to meet the institutions and communities of teachers with whom we work to share the many new educational challenges ahead.




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