Trinity completes training of English language master trainers in India

17 Feb 2014

Working with the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE), Trinity College London has completed the development of a team of 400 Master Trainers, who will cascade the training to 30,000 English language teachers across India.

The training, designed especially for CBSE, focuses on developing teachers’ communicative classroom practice and the use of assessment to support effective teaching and learning.

This initiative is part of CBSE’s flagship Assessment of Speaking and Listening skills (ASL) programme. The aim of the programme is to achieve the required standards in the teaching and learning in all 13,500 schools affiliated with CBSE.

During the course of a five-year contract, Trinity will also work with CBSE to implement speaking and listening assessments among students to support CBSE’s aim of improving their communication skills, self-esteem, confidence and employability.

Each year the programme will support the assessment of two million students a year in Classes IX and XI to work towards a benchmark against international standards and drive improvement in order to give students the best possible prospects in future study and employment.

The long term goal is that all students at CBSE affiliated schools will leave with an internationally recognised Trinity/CBSE certificate in speaking and listening skills. Each school will also receive a comprehensive report on the standard of speaking and listening that has been achieved.

The test taken by students, which was piloted extensively and started in 2013, has been well-received by students, teachers and school leaders alike.

Trinity College London and CBSE will also collaborate on joint research projects to validate and assess the impact of this approach to supporting teaching and learning.

Trinity College London chief executive Sarah Kemp said: ‘We’re delighted to be working with CBSE, such a prestigious and well-respected exam board. We’re using every ounce of our expertise in English language, performance and communication skills assessment to make a positive impact in the classroom. We recognise how diverse the teacher population is in India and have geared our approach to that.’




Notes to editors:



The Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE), an autonomous organisation under the Ministry of Human Resource Development, Government of India, is one of the main national boards of India.CBSE has approximately 13,500 affiliated schools spread over nine regions in India, and 150 schools in 21 other countries. The prime focus of the board is on curriculum, teacher development, assessment and standards.


Trinity College London

Established in 1877, Trinity is an international exam board with a positive, supportive approach to assessment and development.

Trinity awards qualifications in a range of communications-based subjects, including the English language, communication skills, drama and music.

Trinity conducts over 600,000 assessments a year worldwide.

Trinity is committed to increasing the quality of teaching and learning, including the delivery of training and support to teachers, and by the provision of qualifications and certification for teachers.

Trinity’s heritage as an international music, drama and English language exam board places it in a unique position to develop and deliver training programmes, support materials and oral assessments that promote good performance and communication skills.




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