Trinity College London launches ISE Digital — a flexible and fully-digital 4-skills English language qualification

6 Jun 2024

Trinity College London is proud to announce the launch of ISE Digital, an innovative, fully digital version of our Integrated Skills in English (ISE) qualification. This new offering assesses proficiency across the four essential language skills: speaking, listening, reading, and writing. ISE Digital provides a comprehensive and convenient solution for learners, educators, and institutions seeking a robust measure of English language proficiency for academic, professional, and immigration purposes. 

The assessment has been designed to appeal to a broad audience, including state and private secondary schools, private language schools, and higher education institutions. Trinity will be providing extensive support for educators and institutions, comprised of a range of interactive example tasks and practice resources to help with exam preparation. Educators will also have access to comprehensive module reports which will provide detailed insights into candidates' strengths and areas for improvement.  

ISE Digital stands out as one of the shortest four-skills tests available. Candidates, once registered with an exam centre, have the flexibility to take the test remotely from home or at the centre itself. With frequent exam dates, convenient booking windows, and a rapid results turnaround of just 3-5 days, the ISE Digital exam ensures both flexibility and reliability. Secure digital certificates, accessible via weblink, PDF, or QR code, allow for immediate and secure verification of results by institutions and employers as soon as they are released. 

ISE Digital distinguishes itself with unique features and innovations – candidates will receive recognition of their achievements in each language skill, and be able to retake a single module within 90 days if they wish to improve their overall score.   

ISE Digital also emphasises each individual learner's journey. The test modules are adaptive, adjusting to the candidate’s proficiency level, to offer a personalised assessment journey. The exam tasks reflect real-life communication scenarios, encouraging the use of practical language skills that are effective in professional or academic environments.    

Erez Tocker, chief executive, Trinity College London says that: “ISE Digital represents a significant advancement in English language assessment, combining innovative features, convenience, and comprehensive feedback to support learners in achieving their language proficiency goals. But what really sets it apart is the integration of academic rigor with practical, real-life language skills assessment.  

“With this launch, Trinity is reaffirming its commitment to providing high-quality, accessible English language qualifications that meet the evolving needs of learners and educators worldwide.”  

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