Sarah Kemp steps down as Chief Executive of Trinity College London

4 May 2021

Sarah Kemp has announced her decision to step down from the role of Chief Executive at Trinity College London after 13 years at the helm.

During her time as CEO of Trinity, Sarah has overseen enormous growth in the organisation’s international reputation, extending the global footprint for Trinity’s education, assessment and social agenda. Sarah has successfully spearheaded many major initiatives around the world, including a programme of work with the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) in India to improve the standards of speaking and listening education across the country, and working with the Ministry of Education in Italy to bring music education into schools across Italy. In 2015, under Sarah’s leadership, Trinity won the first tender for the UKVI’s Secure English Language testing as one of two providers in the UK market. Trinity continues to successfully deliver these services following a new tender awarded in November 2019.

Trinity is proud to support music, drama and language teachers and learners around the world, and would like to thank Sarah for her drive, passion and commitment to improve people’s lives through enhancing their communication and performance skills.

Sarah says It’s been an honour and a privilege to have served as Trinity’s CEO. I am hugely grateful to our wonderful colleagues and examiners around the world who make it possible for us to support our candidates and teachers, and never more so than over the last year as we have confronted the many challenges of Covid. I’m looking forward to seeing the company develop further under Erez Tocker’s leadership and send him all best wishes as he takes up his new role.”

On behalf of the Board of Trustees, Mark Damazer, Chair of Trustees, said “Sarah has made an outstanding contribution to Trinity. She has been a passionate leader – fully committed – and not least during this last, hugely demanding, Covid year. We all wish her the very best for the next phase of her life.”

Sarah will be succeeded by Erez Tocker in May 2021. Erez has been a leading figure in education and education technology for the last 20 years and he brings with him experience in the fields of assessment, practice and instruction on a global scale. In 2001 he set up and was CEO of Oxford English China, a technology start-up, later he joined Kaplan where his last role was Managing Director of English Language Training and then, since 2016, he served as Managing Director, International at Renaissance Learning, one of the world’s largest digital assessment and practice providers. Throughout his career, Erez has been passionate about how education can transform lives with a focus on applying technology in education and scaling up great education solutions and services globally.

Erez says “I am honoured to join such a deeply established and much-loved organisation with its talented team and long history of advancing education and assessment. I want to build on previous achievements by Sarah and the team and I look forward to meeting with staff, partners, examiners, volunteers, supporters, teachers and students and working together to make a difference to more people across the world in developing their passions and skills.”


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